2019 and Earlier Events

Forums & Summits

PDF Biosimilars Summit 2019

PDF ACO Summit: Vitals for Change 2019

PDF 7th Annual Workforce Forum – 2019

PDF 6th Annual Workforce Forum – 2018

PDF 5th Annual Workforce Forum – 2017

4th Annual Workforce Forum – 2016 (no materials)

3rd Annual Workforce Well-being Forum 2015:

  • PPT Retail Healthcare in America: Where It's Going
  • The Transition from Health as Cost to Health as Business Value (no materials)

2nd Annual Workforce Well-being Forum 2014:

  • PPT The Business Value of Employee Health
  • Shared Values – Shared Results (no materials)
  • PDF Aligning Workplace Incentives for Optimal Health and Performance

1st Annual Workforce Well-being Forum 2013:

  • PDF Wellness to Wellbeing: A “Positive” Shift for Greater Employee Engagement
  • PDF Transforming the Health of a State
  • PDF Promoting Healthier Workplaces, Communities, and Lives
  • PDF Beyond Employee Benefits: Well-being as a Business Imperative
  • PDF Two Living Labs: Healthe Cerner & Healthy Nevada
  • PDF The Economics of Well-being and the Blue Zone Initiatives


  • Private Exchange Collaborative (no materials)
  • National Specialty Pharmacy Initiative: Artemetrx, MGH and IHH (no materials)
  • Bundled Payment Reform (no materials)
  • Specialty Pharma Roadmap (no materials)
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