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2022 Events:

10th Annual Health and Productivity Forum - Navigating in as Sea of Change 9/27/22

Our theme for this year’s forum, “Navigating in a Sea of Change”, is a reflection on what so many employers and health delivery professionals are facing today.  Coming after more than two years of workplace changes, business disruptions, and immense family burdens, there are still choppy waters and obstacles ahead.  Health Benefit professionals need to chart a course, stay alert, keep an eye on the horizon for changing conditions, and attend to the needs of their employees' and their organization.

Setting a Sound Course is assuring that your programs are focused on broad primary care and prevention to avoid the higher cost and burden of advanced disease; helping your employees Keep Alert by getting the right care for sleep and addressing their mental health; Watching the Horizon for new/changing laws and compliance rules; and making sure Your Crew are valued, respected, included and cared for.  Coming into Port reflects programs that have been successfully implemented with real world results.

Charting Your Course

PDF Primary Care and Preventive Health - Cody Adams, Genentech

PDF Vaccine Confidence - Dr. Savannah Stumpf, Merck Vaccines

PDF Primary Care Solutions for New Workforces - Brad Kirkpatrick

Keeping Alert

PDF Sleep Health - Heidi Anderson, Nox Health

PDF Mental Health First Aid - Emily Snow, Blue KC

Watching the Horizon

PDF Compliance and Court Rulings For Employer Provided Health Benefits -  Rory Akers, JD, Lockton

Your Crew

PDF Kansas City Health Collaborative and Health Equity Learning and Action Network - Ron Whiting, KCHC

Coming Into Port

PDF Reproductive Health Initiatives - Arielle Bogorad, Progyny

PDF Diabetes Prevention Results - Melanie Huff, HNTB

PDF Wellness Evolves to Support New Cultures - Theresa Dodson, Evergy

Diabetes Prevention Program Provider Showcase. 6/30/22

Diabetes Prevention Program providers demonstrate their approaches to workplace-sponsored, nationally recognized Diabetes Prevention Programs. Featuring digital as well as in-person and hybrid delivery methods, this showcase event provides focused presentations about key platform features, participant engagement and coaching, clinical results, and vendor integration from five different programs – Omada Health, Virgin Pulse Transform, Real Appeal, HALTdiabetesKS and 24 for Life. Online presentations - no distributed materials


Diabetes Prevention is Good for Your Business. 5/20/22

Dr. SiuPo Becker, Director Population Health, Willis Towers Watson, discusses the health and economic toll that untreated Prediabetes can have on an employer when it progresses to Diabetes. Learn what impact CDC Recognized Lifestyle Change Programs for Diabetes Prevention have shown in large national studies and why these 52-week programs have lasting impact from the American Diabetes Association’s National DPP coordinator. Hear two employer case studies telling their implementation experiences, sharing participation, outcomes and achieved ROI of their Diabetes Prevention Programs.

PDF Health and economics of untreated pre-diabetes - Dr. SiuPo Becker, Willis Towers Watson.

PDF CDC Recognized Diabetes Prevention Programs - Charlene Wallace, American Diabetes Association

PDF Employer Case Study - Melanie Huff, HNTB

PDF Employer Case Study - Megan Craven, Saint Luke's Health System

Obesity: What Employers Can Do to Address This Epidemic. 3/2/22

MACHC and Midwest Business Group on Health have partnered to discuss new insights on the burden of obesity and a Toolkit to help employers take action to combat the number one contributor to disease burden. Obesity Toolkit-MACHC - Midwest Business Group on Health (

Obesity has become the most prevalent chronic condition in the U.S. impacting more than 4 out of 10 American adults and a leading factor in disease complications.

  • Learn why treating obesity as a chronic condition is critical to your population’s health and wellbeing strategy.

  • Determine why you can’t impact other comorbidities if you don’t first address obesity.

  • Hear how leading employers are using plan design to support a stepped approach to obesity management.

PDF Tackling Obesity in the Workplace - Cheryl Larson, MBGH; Bruce Sherman, MD, North Carolina Business Group on Health; Abigail Ammerman, H-E-B; Tara Sherman, Boeing


Medication Management - Achieving Better Health and Value for Employees and Purchasers. 2/22/22

The latest on the importance of comprehensive medication management from Sandra Morris GTMRx (Get The Medication Right Institute) and how employers can easily implement a program from Matt Baki of Tria Health. Results from a local employer’s experience shared.

PDF GTMRx and Tria Health - Sandra Morris and Matt Baki

2021 Events:

PDF 8/20/21 The Quality of Diabetes Benefits Matters: What you need to know about the National Diabetes Prevention Program

PDF 8/18/21 MACHC 2021 Biosimilars Summit

3/11/21 MACHC Project Kick Off Event: Refining Total Cost of Care for Employers

2021 Return to Work Town Halls:

4/28/21 Return to Work Town Hall: Obesity & COVID19 2.0

PDF 3/5/21 MACHC Return to Work Town Hall: Vaccines, Testing & Legal Consideration

PDF 2/24/21 MACHC Small Employer Town Hall #1: Vaccines, Testing & Legal Consideration

2020 Events:

E-Cigarettes Workplace Policy

PBM Contracting Summit for Purchasers

Smoking Cessation for Employers Webinar

PDF Lead By Example (Healthe and Healthy Nevada)

PPT Cancer in the Workplace: How Employers Can Help

PPT Cancer in the Workplace: Presentation 2

PDF Healthcare Education Series: E-Cigarettes

PDF Healthcare Education Series: Population Health

Right Direction Communication Workshop

PDF Effective Management of Autoimmune Diseases and Chronic Pain

PDF Specialty Rx – Identify, Understand, and Manage the Cost


Diabetes Learning Collaborative:

PDF Worksite Strategies for Diabetes Awareness, Prevention, and Control

PDF YMCA's Diabetes Prevention

Strategic Health Reform: The Road to Better Care, Transparency, and Value

PDF The Business Case for a Multi-Stakeholder Initiative on Healthcare

PDF New Care Delivery Models

PDF Evaluating the Landscape of Private Exchanges

Forums & Summits

9th Annual Health & Productivity Forum — 2021:

8th Annual Health & Productivity Forum – 2020

PDF Biosimilars Summit 2019

PDF ACO Summit: Vitals for Change 2019

PDF 7th Annual Workforce Forum – 2019

PDF 6th Annual Workforce Forum – 2018

PDF 5th Annual Workforce Forum – 2017

4th Annual Workforce Forum – 2016

3rd Annual Workforce Well-being Forum 2015:

  • PPT Retail Healthcare in America: Where It's Going
  • The Transition from Health as Cost to Health as Business Value

2nd Annual Workforce Well-being Forum 2014:

  • PPT The Business Value of Employee Health
  • Shared Values – Shared Results
  • PDF Aligning Workplace Incentives for Optimal Health and Performance

1st Annual Workforce Well-being Forum 2013:

  • PDF Wellness to Wellbeing: A “Positive” Shift for Greater Employee Engagement
  • PDF Transforming the Health of a State
  • PDF Promoting Healthier Workplaces, Communities, and Lives
  • PDF Beyond Employee Benefits: Well-being as a Business Imperative
  • PDF Two Living Labs: Healthe Cerner & Healthy Nevada
  • PDF The Economics of Well-being and the Blue Zone Initiatives


  • Private Exchange Collaborative
  • National Specialty Pharmacy Initiative: Artemetrx, MGH and IHH
  • Bundled Payment Reform
  • Specialty Pharma Roadmap
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